Wiry Max Cat.8 網絡線(24K鍍金/純銅線)-2.5m


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Wiry Max Cat.8 Ethernet Cable-2.5m


1. 頂級Cat.8規格
2. 極高速40gbps
3. 24K鍍金RJ45插頭 抗氧化生銹
4. 頂級功藝造線SF/FTP(總遮蔽層為絲網+鋁箔的雙重遮蔽,線對遮蔽的多重遮蔽雙絞線)
5.編織線身, 抗扭抗拉扯, 固定使用壽命長達15年
6.支援最新WIFI7 頻寬320hz, 頻段6Ghz

1. Cat.8 Top specifications
2. Extremely high speed 40gbps
3. 24K gold-plated RJ45 plug resists oxidation and rust
4. Top-notch craftsmanship SF/FTP (the total shielding layer is double shielding of wire mesh + aluminum foil, multi-shielded twisted pair cable with pair shielding)
5. Braided wire body, resistant to twisting and pulling, fixed use life up to 15 years
6.Support the new WIFI7 bandwidth 320hz, frequency band 6Ghz
7. 3 years maintenance, non-artificial plug, wire neck, and wire body breakage are covered.

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