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Austrawell Tea Tree 100% Pure Essential Oil 10ml


Introduction to Tea Tree Essential Oil:
100% pure tea tree essential oil is also known as Australian Liya Wanying oil in Australia. This product is distilled from specially selected Australian tea tree. The effective ingredient Terpinen-4-ol is extra high, which is a high-quality 100% pure essential oil.

The effects of tea tree oil:
The special ingredients of tea tree essential oil have the effect of disinfecting, sterilizing and anti-fungal, inhibiting the growth of all microorganisms, anti-virus, strengthening immunity, preventing infection, and restraining
Infection spread, deworming, detoxification, antiseptic, it can promote wound healing and scab, anti-inflammatory, swelling, natural mild and no side effects. It has soothing and calming properties for the skin
It can purify and clean the surface of the wound without any obvious damage to the skin tissue. Not only can it restore the skin to health, but it will not leave scars. More
Will not cause any skin allergic reactions. It is highly praised by the medical profession. Used to purify the air can kill bacteria and dust in the air, and can treat sinusitis and nose and throat mucosa
Inflammation, prevention of colds and various epidemics or alleviation of cold symptoms, and can effectively stimulate the immune system. Improve allergies.

Uses of tea tree oil:
Tea tree essential oil has a wide range of uses and is the most useful essential oil. It is cheap, safe, and has no side effects. It has become a well-known elixir and is widely used in various
Prevention and treatment of various diseases. Especially aromatherapy, acne, acne, foot, nail bed infection, blisters, burns, sores, sunburn, dandruff, money
Ringworm, mosquito bites, rashes, warts, infected wounds and other skin problems. Otitis, gum inflammation, stomatitis, bad breath, bronchitis, asthma, pharyngitis, nose
Throat mucositis, cough, sinusitis, asthmatic cough, ear, nose, and throat and respiratory diseases, etc.
How to use tea tree oil:
1. Aromatherapy: The aromatherapy lamp is filled with 90% water, and a few drops of tea tree essential oil are added. It can effectively soothe the mood, restore calmness, relax the nerves, refresh the mind,
Soothes physical and mental discomfort.
At the same time purify the air, kill bacteria and dust in the air. Prevent colds and various epidemics or relieve cold symptoms.
2. Steam inhalation: Put hot water in the basin, drop a few drops of tea tree oil (can be combined with lavender and eucalyptus), and then cover it with a towel, through the evaporation of hot water,
Improving the respiratory system is of great help for rhino-throat mucositis, sinusitis and bronchitis.
Or prepare a bowl of boiling water, drop a few drops of tea tree essential oil, close your eyes and be 30 cm away, inhale the steam through your nose for at least 5 minutes to make breathing smooth,
Then the mind is refreshed.
3. Mosquito repellent: 10~15 drops of tea tree essential oil + 100cc of water, just spray the whole body. Or add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to sunscreen/lotion.
4. Car use: Put a bottle of tea tree essential oil in the car and open the cover. Its smell is unique and strong, it can concentrate, and it is also effective for motion sickness symptoms. And it disinfects the car
5. External use: You can apply directly to the skin without dilution, but it is recommended to use the same part no more than three times a day. Especially for mosquitoes
It is very helpful for skin diseases such as bites, Hong Kong feet, wounds to stop bleeding, acne acne, ringworm of hands and feet.
Made in China

100%純茶樹精油在澳洲又稱澳洲利亞萬應油,本產品乃由特選之澳洲特有的茶樹精餾而成,有效成分Terpinen-4-ol 特高,是高品質之100%純精油。

茶树精油的特殊成分具有消毒杀菌抗霉的功效,抑制所有微菌的生長, 還可以抗病毒, 增強免疫力, 預防感染, 遏止
感染擴散, 驅蟲, 排毒, 防腐, 更能促進傷口癒合結痂, 消炎, 消腫, 天然温和无副作用的特性. 對皮膚有舒緩, 鎮定
的作用,能化膿, 清潔傷口表面, 對皮膚組織不會產生任何明顯的損害. 不但可讓皮膚恢復健康, 且不會留下疤痕.更
不會引起任何皮膚過敏反應. 故備受醫學界所推崇.用來淨化空氣可殺死空氣中細菌塵瞞,可治療鼻竇炎和鼻喉黏膜

茶樹精油用途廣泛, 是最有用的精油. 便宜, 安全, 沒有任何副作用的茶樹精油因之成為知名靈藥, 被廣泛運用在各
種疾病的預防和治療. 尤其是芳香療法, 粉剌, 痤瘡, 香港腳, 指甲床感染, 水泡, 灼傷, 涷瘡, 曬傷, 頭皮屑, 金錢
癬, 蚊叮蟲咬, 疹子, 肉疣,受感染的創傷等皮膚問題. 耳炎, 牙齦發炎, 口腔炎,口臭, 支氣管炎, 氣喘, 咽喉炎, 鼻
咽喉黏膜炎, 咳嗽, 鼻竇炎, 哮喘性咳嗽,耳鼻喉與呼吸器官方面的疾病等.
1. 芳療 : 香薰燈放9 成滿水,加入數滴茶樹精油.有效安撫情緒,恢復鎮定, 鬆弛神經, 提神醒腦,
同時淨化空氣, 殺死空氣中的細菌塵瞒. 預防感冒和各種流行病或减輕感冒症状.
2. 蒸氣吸入:將臉盆裝熱水,滴入幾滴茶樹精油(可再搭配薰衣草及尤加利),然後覆蓋上毛巾,透過熱水的蒸發,
或準備一碗沸水, 滴數滴茶樹精油, 閉眼並距離30 公分, 用鼻子吸入蒸氣至少5 分鍾, 使呼吸暢順,
3. 驅蚊蟲 : 10~15 滴茶樹精油+100cc 水, 噴全身即可. 或在防晒/乳液中加入數滴茶樹精油捈抺.
4. 車用 :放一瓶茶樹精油在車內, 打開蓋. 其氣味清香獨特濃郁, 可凝神, 對暈車症狀也有療效.且對車內有消毒
5. 外用 :您可以不需要經過稀釋就直接塗抹在皮膚上,但建議同一部位一天使用不得超過三次. 特別是對於蚊蟲
咬傷、香港腳、傷口止血, 粉刺暗瘡, 手腳癬等皮膚疾病非常有幫助。