Momax-Zero Lightning 至 Type-C 連接線 120cm 黑色 DL36D-香港行貨


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Zero Lightning to Type-C 120cm – Black DL36D


支援高達18W PD 輸出
實測只需 30mins, iPhone XS MAX 提升>50% 以上電量^
比一般5W 充電快超過 2.5 倍
Easy-fit 窄頭設計,無須拆除手機殼,即插即充
TPE 柔軟線材,收納方便
內部尼龍防斷絲,線材通過 15,000+ 搖擺測試
MFi 及 USB-IF 認證
使用One Plug USB Type-C PD 快速充電器

Supports up to 18W PD output
The actual measurement only takes 30mins, and the iPhone XS MAX increases the battery by >50%^
More than 2.5 times faster than normal 5W charging
Easy-fit narrow head design, no need to remove the phone case, plug and charge
Integrated design of connector for high durability
TPE soft wire for easy storage
Internal nylon anti-break wire, wire passed 15,000+ swing test
MFi and USB-IF certified
Using One Plug USB Type-C PD Fast Charger
2 years warranty
Made in China

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