Fewster’s Farm-Jarrah Honey TA 30+有機紅柳桉蜂蜜12克30條獨立包裝(澳大利亞直送&澳大利亞製造)

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Fewster’s Farm TA30+ Jarrah Organic Raw Honey Straws 12g x 30pcs Sachets Box

One of the rarest and most unique honeys in the world, very high activity TA 30+ is sourced from old-growth Jarrah forests only when optimal climatic conditions occur during the bi-annual flowering of the Jarrah trees. The honey has exceptional antimicrobial and antifungal Activity, is rich in antioxidants (2 to 3 times more than Manuka), abundant vitamins and minerals, low GI (suitable for diabetics in moderation) and a host of other beneficial health properties. Eat as is, or drizzle over cereal, fruit or natural yogurt for best results. TA30+ Jarrah honey can also be used as a powerful dressing to aid healing of skin injuries* (burns, abrasions or ulcers). With magnificent taste and texture, this honey promotes vitality, good health and healing


100% 嘉拉蜂蜜採自澳洲西部的西南地區
紅柳桉蜂蜜屬於很稀有的蜂蜜品種,蜂蜜本身帶著天然的深琥珀色澤及濃稠質感 ,擁有獨特的芳香和帶有絲絲焦糖味道。


**已獲取澳洲有機認証(Organic Food Chain)
**其總活性 (Total Activity -TA) 已獲紐西蘭認可檢查部門認証, 系數愈大, 代表有效活躍成分愈高

重量: 360克 (獨立包裝30條 x 12克)

100% Jarrah Honey is collected from the southwestern region of Western Australia
What is Jarrah?
A red eucalyptus species found only in Western Australia, blooms only once every two years. Experiments have proved that Jarrah honey is highly active and has more antibacterial and antioxidant effects than Manuka.
Red eucalyptus honey is a rare species of honey. The honey itself has a natural deep amber color and thick texture, a unique aroma and a hint of caramel flavor.
Western Australia has a natural and pollution-free red eucalyptus forest, surrounded by primitive coastal shrubs. This land is more protected and isolated by local strict laws. Therefore, the local bees will not be affected by pests and diseases, and the honey produced is absolutely guaranteed. Does not contain any antibiotics or pesticides.

Western Australia unique product
Contains natural antibacterial power and antioxidant properties, known as therapeutic grade honey
The total activity index (TA value) exceeds 30+
Rich in natural minerals and vitamins
Increase immunity and prevent respiratory infections
Natural medical dressing to relieve and treat trauma or scald pain
Helps the stomach fight bacteria and solves bad breath and oral ulcers
Has a variety of functions, both external and internal

**100% pure, no added artificial sugar, coloring, preservatives
**Acquired Australian Organic Certification (Organic Food Chain)
**Total Activity (TA) has been certified by the New Zealand Recognized Inspection Agency. The larger the coefficient, the higher the effective active ingredient.
O.F.C certificate number 0523
Weight: 360g (30 Unit x 12g)
Made in Australia

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