Aion 10倍超強吸水乾髮毛巾695-C 乳白(日本直送 & 日本製造)



Aion Super Absorbent Hair Dry Towel 695-C Cream


Hair dry towel using Super sponge that is soft and smooth to the touch, gentle on the hair, and quickly absorbs a large amount of water.

-Invisible 130 micron fine pores demonstrate outstanding water absorption that is incomparable to cotton towels. If you squeeze it, the water absorption will return quickly.
-Since it has elasticity, even if you wrap it around your head after washing your hair, you will not feel the pressure of tightening like a cotton towel.
-Since it is soft to the touch, supple and soft, you can absorb water by just pressing it lightly without wiping it.

Size: About 745x 255 mm
Material/composition: Material: PVA sponge
Made In Japan


尺寸:約745X255 mm